Apartment Life 101: Your Roommate and You

December 16, 2013

Monica-and-Rachel-monica-and-rachel-31741531-640-480Roommates: They’re often a part of apartment living. Everyone has their own opinion on the best type of roommate. Some like living with the opposite sex, others think that living with the same sex is the only way to go. Some prefer living with their best friends, others are of the opinion that living with a best friend is a quick way to ruin a great friendship and therefore opt for the stranger route. Some like to look for people that have the same lifestyle or schedule as themselves, others subscribe to the philosophy that opposites attract.

No matter your opinion of the best type of roommate, one thing is for certain: Treating each other with respect and consideration is an absolute must for any healthy living situation. People too often allow for a simple difference of opinion grow into a full-on dispute, ending in someone moving out well before they had planned on. The folks over at Lifehacker offer these tips on how to avoid a poisonous roommate situation and live well together. You’re not always going to get along but with these tips you should be able to end up with a positive experience.


  • Be Considerate – If your roommate is sleeping or attempting to sleep, keep the noise and light levels down. If your roommate is studying, don’t have loud conversations in the same room. It really should be common sense, but it is truly amazing how people don’t understand what it means to be considerate. If in doubt, ask yourself if you would be annoyed if your roommate did whatever it is you would like to do to you. If the answer is no, take it elsewhere.
  • Keep It Clean – Seriously, I cannot emphasize how many horror stories I have heard about dirty roommates. Hair in the shower, toothpaste gelled to the sink, bathrooms littered with magazines or dirty clothes. It’s gross. Respect means keeping your side of the room clean. Now, I’ll admit, I’m a rather messy person. I don’t like picking up my clothes, the concept of drawers, or making my bed. But at least once a week, I pick all of my stuff up off the ground and make my side of the room clean again. It’s a good habit to get into and it will make you a better roommate. And hopefully, if your roommate sees you keeping your side clean, they’ll be more inclined to keep theirs clean.
  • Keep Your Hands Off Their Stuff – Respecting your roommate means respecting their stuff. I already told you my former roommate used my makeup, usually without asking. Just don’t do it, especially with personal items like brushes and stuff like that. It’s gross. If you really need to borrow something of theirs, always, always ask before you do. If they say no, don’t get offended. Some people just don’t like other people using their stuff. This goes especially for food. It’s super annoying to open the fridge and see that your lunch that you planned to eat is now gone. If you eat your roommate’s food, it is absolutely your responsibility to replace it.

[Source: Lifehacker]

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