Get Ready for the Broad Ripple Music Fest

September 18, 2012

Think summer is over? Well, not quite yet.

The buzz is just getting started about the local and regional bands and DJ’s that will be at the Broad Ripple Music Fest on Saturday, Oct. 13.

This year’s festival is reported to have fewer bands and not quite as spread out over the area, but still, having the choice of seeing over 100 bands on 12 stages, two of which will be outdoors, is still a lot to take in.

According to the Broad Ripple Music Fest Facebook page, these are some of the bands and DJ’s expected to perform …

There’s no clamping down on Carrie Pietz when she and her all-girl band Carrie and the Clams take the stage. They’re known for their off beats and different tunings with hints of blues, funk, rock and folk.

Tony Z and Lanie (AKA MC Sparkplug) share the stage in a surreal mix of comedy and hip-hop. It’s been called hippy-hip-hop, conscious hip-hop and unclassifiable by people who have never heard anything quite like it.

800 lb Gorilla is scheduled to tear up the stage with its brand of jam rock laced with groove-based rhythms.

Ninja Toji will be busting out some beets on one of the electronic stages. He’s a 21-year-old producer from Indianapolis and an artist of many genres. DJ Hollow Point’s dance hall-friendly elite bass-heavy mixes and Fort Wayne’s DJ E-Clyps will also take on the electronic dance music stages.

Rock dogs Pravada are set to play one of the rock tents this year at Connor’s Pub and at one of the two pre-party shows on Friday, Oct. 12.

Rhinoceros Beetle will take you on a ride with organic electronics, bold vocals, and custom beats that keep the energy high and the music danceable.

Indy south siders Midwest State of Mind is a four piece band that mixes genres and characteristics to create bold new music with a vibe that resonates as both familiar and brand-new all at the same time.

Like to get up and dance with your music? Be sure to check out Party Lines at one of the rock tents.

Stages for this year’s Broad Ripple Music Fest will be located located at Alley Cat Lounge, Peppers Broad Ripple, Za Pizzeria, Sabbatical, Kilroy’s Broad Ripple, Rock Lobster, Indy CD & Vinyl, The Casba, The Monkeys Tale and Connor’s Pub. Tickets are $15 and $30 and are available on the Broad Ripple Music Fest website.

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  • Jackola

    Actually there will be 3 tents stages and at least 13 stages total :-)