Ready for the Warped Tour?

July 9, 2012

Got the day off for the Van’s Warped Tour at the Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville? Great! Spending the day at the day-long indie music fest is quite the experience, and a whole lot more fun if you’re prepared for it.

Make sure your tix are legit: If you did not pre-purchase your tickets ahead of time, some will be available at the day of the show at the venue box office. If you purchased tickets ahead of time, be sure to bring your print-at-home printout or ticket to the show. Whatever you do, don’t buy tickets in the parking lot. These are often counterfeit tickets. You’ll lose your money and won’t be able to enter with those tickets. Don’t buy backstage passes, VIP passes, wristbands, guest passes, or any other pass someone on the street or in the lot someone may try to sell you. The only sanctioned online backstage pass offer is through the Unite the United fundraiser for the TJ Martel Foundation.

It’s going to be crowded: Bring a cell phone in case you lose each other. Try to stick together as much as possible and when you are moving through a crowd hold hands so you don’t lose each other. As soon as you get there, decide on a meeting spot in case you lose each other or decide to split up.

It’s going to be hot, sticky and sweaty: With as many people that will be there, that predicted 89 degree high is going to get a lot hotter. Wear shorts and a tank top, and drink lots and lots of water. Also wear comfortable shoes, preferably tennis shoes. Don’t wear flip flops or flats. You will lose then easily. People will step on your feet, and you will be really uncomfortable.

Expect to be near a mosh pit at least once during the day: If a most pit opens in front of you, just be calm and move or you can just stay there and watch. If you’re not in the first row where it opens up, meaning people aren’t literally banging into you, you will most likely be OK. There will be a lot of crowd surfing. When a crowd surfer comes over you, just push them forward. If you duck, they may fall on you.

Bring cash: You’re going to want to buy T-shirts to get signed. Plus, food, and even water, is expensive. Better yet, bring your own water bottles. There will be plenty of water stations where you can fill up for free.

Bring a back pack or a large purse: You will be handed a lot of stuff and you will need somewhere to carry it all, not to mention your cell phone and camera.

For more information on and the list of bands playing at the Indiana Van’s warped tour, check out the show’s web page.

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Bonnie Caprara

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  • Juliafaith92

    is there any way i can get vip passes that someone could tell me about?

    • Diane Murphy

      Outbid the person who has $309 riding on it on eBay. It’s an charity auction.