240sweet brings marshmallowly goodness to Indianapolis area

March 3, 2011

How can you resist a bacon toffee chocolate chip marshmallow?

I stumbled upon Columbus, Indiana-based 240sweet by accident one day when I was surfing Twitter. As soon as I went to the website, I knew these guys had a story to tell. They specialize in marshmallows — yes, marshmallows — and I could see they do things a little differently, with more purpose than your average bakery. I had to know more.

So I asked sales manager Samantha Aulick to answer a few questions for me about this unique business. She, along with Alexa Lemley, executive chef, run the day-to-day operations of 240sweet. Aulick obliged, and you can check out our conversation here:

Landmark Life Indianapolis: Talk a bit about how your backgrounds and how you came into this unique business.
Samantha Aulick: “Chef Alexa and I worked at Lemleys’ Catering as teenagers in the 80s. In the 00s, we each returned to her family’s business. Alexa had been Executive Chef of restaurants in Louisville. I had been managing restaurants and teaching customer service in Baltimore. Shortly after I returned home, her father, Max, retired from catering to focus on other business ventures. Both Chef Alexa and I prefer to cook a different style of food from the BBQ that her father favored. In order to let people know about our new style, we started making marshmallows in different flavors to give out with menus. Soon, people started asking to buy the marshmallows.”

LLI: What sets your business apart from others that sell baked goods? Are there other businesses that specialize in marshmallows?

The flavors at 240sweet "come from nature, not from a lab. We buy local because it is better for the environment and our local communities," according to sales manager Samantha Aulick.

SA: “While there are other businesses that make marshmallows, we are the only ones considered “art.” In 2009, Chef Alexa’s 240sweet Artisan Marshmallows were juried into Indiana Artisan as one of the best of the best. That same year, she was the Artist in Residence at the Indiana State Museum. Also, our flavors are confections, meant to be enjoyed on their own. Many marshmallows are made as ingredients. However, our flavors stand on their own to be enjoyed. I have been told that the Saffron and Pistachio make excellent rice krispie treats, though. We make over 100 kinds of marshmallows.”

LLI: Talk about your commitment to buying local and not using any artificial ingredients in your products. Why is that important?
SA: “Chef Alexa and I like to eat food. And we think everyone else should, too. Our flavors come from nature, not from a lab. We buy local because it is better for the environment and our local communities.”

LLI: What are your favorite flavors? What are the most popular flavors among customers?
SA: “Today, Chef Alexa’s favorites are Saffron Pistachio, Key Lime and Roasted Pineapple. Mine are Turtle and Lemonade. Both of our favorites change depending upon the time of year and our moods. Our customers overwhelmingly love the Salty Caramel. However, we make so many different kinds that appeal to different people.”

LLI: What are some of the more rewarding aspects of your job?
SA: “We love to make people happy–they get so excited about our marshmallows. It is especially great to introduce them to new tastes like in our Thai Chili. Chef Alexa enjoys experimenting and creating new flavors.”

LLI: How has business been so far?
SA: “Business is growing. Yay! At first, it was difficult to persuade people that our marshmallows were different than mass-produced puffs. Once people sample, we have them hooked. It’s been getting easier.”

LLI: Anything else you’d like to add?
SA: “Most people don’t realize that we make it a point to employ people who need second chances or self-empowerment. Giving back is important to us.”

240sweet’s delectable creations are available in many different locations — click here for a full list. For more information, check out the 240sweet website or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Photo credit: Stacy Able Photography

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  • Miller52

    Great article on an even more wonderful company and amazing owners and bakers!

    • Miller52

      Well Im sure they appreciate and when ANYONE can spotlight such a great company with amazing products and even better local businesses, I just really find it amazing and wanted to show my appreciation!

  • Erica Finley

    @Miller52: Thanks for the comment! I was really impressed by them from the get-go, so I’m happy to shine the spotlight on a great local business.